Q: What time will you and your team arrive and what time will you start hair and makeup on the bride?

A: Time of arrival is calculated at least one month-3 weeks before the wedding day. It is done this way as time of arrival and completion of services are based on the photographer/videographers time of arrival and time everyone needs to be completely ready by. As for the bride, I start on her with enough time to pamper her, make her feel comfortable, relaxed and almost ready by the time her photographer arrives. This will ensure she gets detailed pictures of her getting ready while looking her best!


Q: Do you bring a team with you? If so, how many do you bring?

A: I  do bring a team of very talented artists.  Depending on the size of the bridal party, I take one-two extra artists.


Q: Is a bridal trial required?

A: A bridal trial is not required but it is highly recommended. During this one on one time, we get to know each other on a more personal basis. I get familiarized with your skin type and hair and we spend more time discussing details about your big day.


Q: When should I schedule my bridal trial?

A: Trials should be scheduled one-two moths before the weeding as trials are meant to be done when client knows exactly what look they want. 


Q: What do I need to bring to the trial?

A: Bring at least 3 pictures of hairstyles and makeup looks that you absolutely love and envision yourself as. Please look for styles that have your same hair color and looks that have your similar skin color and eye shape; remember that pictures are used for inspirations, looks will not be 100% replicated.  

Bring a picture of your dress, and if you have a hair accessory that you would like to incorporate to your style, bring that as well.


Q: How many looks can be done in the trial?

A: Time only allows us to create one look per service (one makeup look and one hair style). I am more than happy to tweak things if needed, but should a new look be requested, I would either need to know in advance to schedule your trial with more time or give you a new appointment for a second look.


Q: How should my hair be for the day of the trial and wedding day?

A: Your hair should be washed the night before, adding a small amount of conditioner to the ends and no other products added. Blow dry as straight as possible and do not iron.  If your hair needs a trim, it is highly recommended to get one done before the trial/wedding; styles look best and last longer on healthy hair. 


Q: How should my skin be for the trial/wedding day?

A: Your skin and eye area should be cleansed and moisturized. If eyebrows/ facial hairs need to be waxed/threaded, please do so at least 5 days before to avoid irritation. Facials are recommended at least two weeks before the event day.


Q: Can I bring someone with me to the trial?

A:  You may bring one or two individuals to the trial, but no more than that as space is limited. Pets, children or food are not allowed to be brought to the trial as it may prolong the appointment.


Q: Can I use my trail for my engagement pictures, engagement party or bridal shower?

A: Absolutely, as long as I am available, you may schedule it for any event.


Q: Do you come to me or do I go to you?

A: I only travel for weddings or large parties of five or more. Less than that, I work out of my studio located in the Miami Lakes area.


Q: Will my makeup look the same in pictures than it does in person?

A: Your makeup will look just as good in person as it will in pictures! I always tell my clients however, to not be afraid to intensify the look a little as pictures do show makeup to be a little more natural than what you will see in person.


Q: How long does hair and makeup take?

A: Hair takes 45 min, one hour to one hour and a half depending on the length, volume and texture of the person’s hair. Makeup is about the same time, it all depends what look the person is going for.


Q: Do you do airbrush? Which do you recommend, traditional or airbrush?

A: I do provide airbrush makeup. I believe this is personal preference because both traditional and airbrush are very long lasting if applied properly. The Key is to prep and set the skin to have long lasting results.


Q: I want to wear hair extensions, what brands do you recommend and how long should they be?

A:  Hair extensions need to be 100% human hair otherwise, they will not curl or style nicely. I only work with clip in hair extensions and I recommend the ones from Sally’s beauty supply,  Luxy or Ballami  hair (only available online). They have a variety of colors and length and the quality is very good.  However, real human hair extensions can be purchased at a variety of beauty supply stores and on amazon. They should be about 5 inches longer than your hair and the color should resemble yours as best as possible. When styled with your hair the color and length all blend in, making it all look very natural.


Q: What makeup brands do you work with?

A:  I work with a variety of quality brands that work well with different complexions and skin types. I use MAC cosmetics for eye shadows, Urban Decay, Bobby Brown to name a few. For foundation, I use Makeup Forever for dry to combination skin and Estee Lauder double wear for oily skin. I also use Makeup Forever powders and Laura Marcier. Origins for skin care as it is soft on the skin and does not have harsh chemicals.


Q: How far in advance should I reserve my wedding day?

A:  You may reserve your wedding day makeup and hair as early as you have your day set aside. I have gotten booked from brides as early as a year and half in advance. It is best to book all your preferred vendors in advanced that way you can check things off your list as the date gets closer.


Q: What is needed to book my date and how do I book?

A: A signed contract and a 30% non-refundable deposit is required to book a wedding date. Once you are ready to submit the listed requirements, the contract should be emailed to me and the deposit should be made via Venmo or cash app; deposit goes towards your final payment.


Q: Do you have a minimum of services in order to be booked?

A:  In order for me to travel to your getting ready location, I require a minimum of 4 ladies for  hair and makeup.


Q: Do you know how to control Dry/Oily skin?  

A: Yes, I am familiar with different skin types and I prepare the skin well for a long lasting, clean application of makeup regardless of the skin type.


Q: My hair does not seem to hold curl, what should I do?

A:  I prep hair with anti humidity and high quality products however, there are just some hair types that no matter what products or preparation method is used, curls just do not seem to last. If the client very much desires to have their hair loose, I then recommend hair extensions as the texture is thicker and seems to hold curls better.  Up-do’s are always beautiful, elegant, timeless and just something that you can never go wrong with so that is always a great alternative.